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IET Tribology Tour 2014-15: Bringing Tribology to Life

The science and engineering of friction, wear and lubrication – collectively known as Tribology – is fundamental to energy production, manufacturing, transport, healthcare and many other industries.

Tribology can be applied wherever there are mechanical interfaces in relative motion and there is a desire to improve efficiency, reliability or cost-effectiveness.

Tribology can open up exciting and powerful paths to new technological solutions. It improves the sustainability of products and systems, benefits the environment and increases economic competitiveness.

In association with IET Local Networks, the IET Tribology Network will visit eight locations for a series of evening talks, aiming to bring Tribology to life through real examples and case studies.

The IET Tribology Tour will demonstrate to practicing engineers and students that Tribology is so essential and widespread that many engineers are already tribologists without realising it. 

We are pleased to invite you along to be informed and inspired!

Further information can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.


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