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Welcome to the UK Tribology website

UK Tribology is a multi-institution collaboration designed to raise awareness of the subject and application of tribology; the study of interacting surfaces in relative motion or, in layman's terms: friction, wear and lubrication. If you're wondering how this effects you, please read on...

Our website is designed to act as a gateway to the latest developments and events relating to tribology in the UK, so that engineers and technical experts, business leaders and politicians, as well as the general public are made aware of just how important tribology is to all of us.  If you'd like to learn more about our aims and objectives, you can read more about us.

(This website is still being constructed, so please bear with us while we add content.  If you encounter any problems, please contact us to let us know so that we can resolve any issues.  Thanks, UKT Web Team) 

Recent news

UK Tribology Launch Event

The UK has a strong tribology and surface engineering base (both industrial and academic), but due to the fragmentation of activity within the UK the impact on reducing the very high cost (circa 1.4% of GDP) of uncontrolled friction, lubrication, surface selection and wear control within industry has been limited. Five key learned societies (IET, IMechE, IOM3, IoP and RSC), have come together to form UK Tribology.

UK Tribology meets with the Royal Society of Chemistry

On 15th October 2014 members of the UK Tribology committee met with the committee of the RSC’s Applied Materials Chemistry Group (AMCG) to discuss how the RSC could become involved with UK Tribology.

IET Tribology Tour 2014-15: Bringing Tribology to Life

The science and engineering of friction, wear and lubrication – collectively known as Tribology – is fundamental to energy production, manufacturing, transport, healthcare and many other industries.

Tribology can be applied wherever there are mechanical interfaces in relative motion and there is a desire to improve efficiency, reliability or cost-effectiveness.

Tribology can open up exciting and powerful paths to new technological solutions. It improves the sustainability of products and systems, benefits the environment and increases economic competitiveness.

Upcoming events

New Challenges in Tribology 2019

Wednesday, 27 March 2019 - Thursday, 28 March 2019
A two-day meeting exploring challenges the tribology community face in 2019 organised the the Institution of Engineering Technology